Kawasaki KZ 1300

  • Kawasaki KZ 1300
  • 198.000 €

  • Vuosimalli:1980
  • Polttoaine:Bensiini
  • Teho:88 kW / 119 hv
  • Vaihteisto:Manuaali
  • Vetotapa:Takaveto

Hae alustava rahoituspäätös


There is no other like this. Although it is more of a completely exceptional handcrafted work of art, the bike is technically flawless and can be completely put into running condition by liquefaction if the buyer so wishes.

Ari Jurvainen, who was responsible for the project, says:

The decision to gold-plate a motorcycle with only tires and footrest rubbers left ungilded seemed challenging enough after numerous handcrafted cars and numerous previous vehicle projects. The legendary Kawasaki KZ 1300 from 1980 was chosen as the one. A superbike of its time, a 6-cylinder rarity where the number of parts and components is large already in principle.
The challenge of gilding different materials, such as rubber and plastic parts, is the most likely reason why no one has done the same before.
The project has required the production of a large number of replacement parts made of stainless steel, which has been electroplated with 24K gold after polishing.
The project began in 2016. Manufacturing the parts and uncompromising watchmaking precision required more than three years of work.
No glued leaf gold has been used in any part, only 24K gold.

Handmade stainless steel parts include:

Exhaust curve
Exhaust pipe
Exhaust heat shields
Radiator heads
Rear fender
Headlight lugs
Air housing end caps
Rear brake cylinder cover
Front dust covers
Expansion tank cap cover
Radiator cap
Top covers for front pipes
Saddle strap holders
Cable management controls
Horn holder

Please note all viewings are by appointment only.

Example of a bicycle: https://www.businessinsider.com/this-24-karat-gold-bike-sold-for-goldgenie-cycling-luxury-327970-2018-7?r=US&IR=T


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Kawasaki KZ 1300
Kawasaki KZ 1300
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